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Steel chassis made to order

Designed to match client's needs and/or specifications, JMC provide bespoke, extra strength, steel shepherd's chassis from our facility here in Kent.

Features include:

  • Full steel fabrication to withstand much higher hut weight, including special fixation points for sub-flooring.

  • Steering plates with steel balls and grease nipples for easier steering

  • Choice of finish to withstand the winter weather, e.g. powder coating or galvanising.

  • 'A' frame towing bar with choice of connection, e.g. towball or pin fitting to ensure easier, safe towing.

  • Range of steel wheel sizes to suit hut dimensions and aesthetics

Crop 2.jpg
Crop 1.jpg

Galvanised finish

For more information or to discuss your ideas, please call us on

01795 439247 or email

Customer Review:   TL wrote:  Many thanks for the excellent work on the chassis.  The carpenter has been to                                                     see it and is really looking forward to working with a ‘Rolls Royce’ chassis!

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